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robert fisk

Beware, for some liars tell the truth
- Ancient Arab Proverb -


After reading a number of articles dedicated to discrediting a renowned investigative journalist and leading international corespondent otherwise known as Robert Fisk, I took it upon myself to familiarise myself with this icon of journalism and the focus of heated controversy and much debate. Mr. Fisk’s credentials are well-nigh second to none, in fact I regularly came across references to him as “probably the best International Correspondent in the world…”, attributed mainly to his colossal experience on the frontline and his satirical skill and firebrand style of writing…In fact so hard pressed was I to find even the faintest hint of criticism that I started to believe that surely Mr. Fisk was an anomaly amongst his peers, an outstanding and truly marvellous example of literary perfection and infallible integrity to be put on the highest of pedestals for the entire journalistic order to behold…

That was before, of course, I googled “Robert Fisk Liar”…

Now it is vital that I point out before continuing any further (mainly to protect my Heinie from any potential litigation), that this post is not intended to question whether or not our Bob has a tendency to exaggerate, disinform, fabricate, falsify, employ propaganda or lie in his rather sensational and over-excited feature articles. Rather, I’m simply reporting a reoccurring accusation which seems to arise time and time again from individuals and organisations representing various extremes of the political and social spectrum, a rather curios fact given that you would expect at least some people to take his word for granted given his glamourous and lengthy resume. It is also rather distressing to read a number of further accusations made by his own colleagues illustrating in detail his tendency to “jazz-up” his material to dramatic effect, one source in particular recounting an episode where he likened three neglected tanks in Iraq and a few resting soldiers to an impending military confrontation, See: Robert Frisk called a liar by peers . In fact, so consistent is Mr. Fisk in his profound use of sensationalism at the most epic proportions to fulfil his suspicious and rather inconsistent agenda that his peers coined a rather fitting phrase to describe this chronic disposition, See: Fisking.

fisk armenian

We would have been forgiven for thinking that the eponymous Mr. Fisk, the only man to interview Osama Bin Laden three times and a resident of the Middle-East for over 30 years, was the best situated candidate to effectively cover the “Arab Spring” movement and it’s proxies given his vast experience and knowledge of the region. We would also have been forgiven for assuming that Mr. Fisk would probably be the least likely of all potential candidates to have any specific bias or mistakenly accept pro-governement or opposition propaganda as fact…sadly, our man of literary talent has proven us wrong on both counts.

Bob Fisk, during his tenor covering various regional conflicts, has managed to get it very wrong on a number of occasions, one good example being his insistence that their was never any mistrust or potential threat of violence between the Sunni and Shia community in Iraq after Saddam and that they would all get along like “friends”, See: Robert Fisk is a bloody liar!. Another favourite example would be his scathing attack on president George Bush for supposedly accepting Turkey’s denial of an Armenian genocide, when in-fact what Mr. Bush was trying to explain was given the turbulence in the Middle East it wasn’t the time to antagonize regional allies, see: Robert Fisk is a liar: President Bush denies holocaust A further instance involved an overly sympathetic article published on his 2001 experience in Afghanistan after being attacked by a mob of locals, many of whom had lost loved ones in U.S. bombing raids and drone attacks and saw Fisk, some would argue quite rightly, as scapegoat, see: UK journalist beaten by Afghan mob .

Finally the most damning and relevant example of Robert Fisk’s attempt at using self-generated propaganda to satisfy his personal agenda would have to be during his coverage of the Iraq war and the subsequent waves of Kurdish refugees escaping the Saddam regime and streaming into the border area between Iran and Turkey. With Iran unwilling to deal with the Kurds and the international community turning a blind-eye, the Turks accepted responsibility for hosting these political refugees and deployed their army to erect various refugee camps to accommodate this huge influx of people and provide security for them on the border region. With pen at the ready and for reasons unbeknownst to those involved, along come Mr. Fisk who proceeded to launch a merciless literary attack on the Turkish army and their treatment of the Kurds, in one instance accusing soldiers of “stealing blankets from the refugees which they sold for a profit”. After much public slander and growing frustration with the Western Allies who ignored the growing humanitarian crisis , Turkey apprehended Mr. Fisk as part an investigation into the validity of his accusations, which, after being proven false, resulted in him being unceremoniously asked to leave Turkey and being labeled by the Turkish Government a “liar” and a “provocateur”.

“That is how Robert Fisk’s animosity towards Turkey and Turks began, and how it finally took a hold of him. He was, of course, quickly recruited by the ASALA (Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia) represented in the U.K. by Lord Eric Reginald Avebury (Yes the same Lord Avebury who also represents the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights in London), to work for them and profit by disseminating their public message and propaganda. Ever since his expulsion from Turkey, Robert Fisk seems to subscribe to the philosophy that it is “better to lie for the Armenians, than not to tell the truth about the Turks,” See: Robert Fisk, A pathological liar?

Lord Avebury with Bahraini Human Rights Extremist Chehabi

A fitting expansion on Mr. Fisk’s philosophy illustrated in a most relevant quote:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

– Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels

In conclusion and in the spirit of truth and reconciliation, I invite Mr. Fisk to openly confess his failure to address the situation in Bahrain with an objective eye and would remind him that his actions have cost our country and the general, peace-loving public dearly in satisfying his rather devious and avaricious agenda…

I still smell a Fisk!

By Ali F Alzayani

Twitter: @aalzayani

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