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Armenian Genocide Resources Center And 6 Year

The blog of Armenian Genocide Resource Center is celebrating its 6th anniversary. I thought about the meaning of this anniversary and assessed whether having reached the 6th year of this blog was something that we should madly be happy about. I seriously looked for an answer to this question in my mind but since I have not thought about this issue before I could not come up with an immediate answer. Then I realized that although giving an answer to this question seemed easy at first, philosophically it was not that easy. The reason for this was the fact that this blog included a significant work based on archiving and so its nature was quite important.

The answer to my question would be very easy if the creators of this blog, Murat, Seda & Lara, would only try to prove or disprove the so called genocide with only a few visual aids and some baseless documents. However this blog they prepared indeed had a very different nature. The sort of significant effort and work to prepare such a blog was making it difficult for me to answer how enthusiastically we should be celebrating the 6th anniversary of this blog. Under normal circumstances, having reached the 6th year of this blog would be very pleasing. However this blog:
not only proved that the statements that were allegedly indicated belonging to Hitler & Mustafa Kemal were indeed fake or demonstrated that the visual aids used by the proponents of the so called genocide were indeed forgeries, but also was successful in revealing reports like Warangian or Niles-Sutherland Reports or books like Patriotism Perverted and many historical newspaper archives and many other comments and thoughts.

Should all these hundreds of documents, books or archival materials that were brought together with such great effort be only published in this blog? Should the function of this blog be this, to be the only source for many people to have access to these many documents and historical information?

The time between years 1915 and 2005 (when this blog was founded) is 90 years. All these years, all those historcial newspaper archives, historical information and documents or reports were always there. Why haven’t the Zorian Institute publish for instance Warangian Report during all those years? Why aren’t the Clark University or Universities of Minnesota or California publishing Niles-Sutherland Report? Why can’t CNN, MSNBC, ABC or BBC broadcast a documentary film about the alleged statements of Hitler? Or why can’t the Turkish History Institution gather the historical newpaper archives in US and publish them?

According to the criteria of the Age of Enlightenment which had taken us out of the Dark Ages and led us to science and justice, all these topics should have been the primary subject-matter of the scientific institutions and not of some internet blog writers. If today the data published by this blog which provides all information in detail with even archival numbers can not be challenged by any historians or can not be proven to be fake or forgery, aren’t we then having a very serious ethical problem and not just for Armenians or Turks but for the whole wide world? The meaning of the term ETOCIDE is probably defined by this question.

Is only some part of the world population being threatened by the fact that politicians, populists and some lazy and selfish parties violate the concepts of enlightenment and modernism like justice, objectivity and peace?

I am asking very serious questions about the work of Murat, Seda & Lara in honour of the 6th anniversary of this blog. I am reminding of those who constantly babble about love, peace and justice that only the ones who are well informed in an objective fashion can be peaceful, just and affectionate.

Murat, Lara & Seda, you are one of a kind and I am so glad we have you...

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