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An 81-Year Old Chevalier: Şükrü Server Aya: A One-man Army Wrestling Armenian Fanatics

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[Şükrü Server Aya has taken on a thankless but extremely valuable task. Generations of scholars, politicians, and internet bloggers will make use of his work, often not citing the source. Others—those who do not want what Aya has uncovered ever to be seen—will excoriate him. Heedless of both supporters and detractors, Aya has continued to collect and analyze the documents and assertions that underlie the Armenian Question. He may not ever be properly thanked for his labors, but those of us who appreciate his discoveries know their great value. -

Justin A. McCarthy

Justin McCarthy is Professor of History and Distinguished University Scholar at the University of Louisville.

Among his works on related subjects: Muslims and Minorities (1983), Death and Exile (1995), The Ottoman Turks (1997), The Ottoman Peoples and End of Empire (2001), The Armenian Rebellion at Van (2006), and The Turk in America (2010).

Although clearly not a trained and scholarly historian, Sukru Server Aya has offered over many years a monumental service in collecting documents unmistakably illustrating the exaggerated, inconsistent statements about the treatment of the Ottoman Government, and Turks generally, of Armenians during WWI. The evidence here is of a prejudicial, one-sided and venomous anti-Turkish stance characteristic of a time when the defeated Turks were fair game. Aya’s collection of the words of influential Armenian advocates cannot be ignored—and yet it has been and most likely will continue to be. Yet if the world listens to the facts Aya so passionately presents, a step forward will have been taken to interrupt the continuous cycle of murderous Insatiable rage based on the events of a century ago.

Sam S. Baskett]

An 81-Year Old Chevalier by Tufan Türenç
Translated from Hurriyet, December 13, 2010


Şükrü Server Aya: A One-man Army Wrestling Armenian Fanatics

At his age you would expect him to relax and lounge in a leisurely manner, but instead he is a shining knight waging a war.

Aya is a graduate of Robert College with impeccable command of English.

After graduation he started his own business, which he liquidated upon retirement.

Suspicions about the Armenian allegations started to occupy his mind.

He started a research, in an effort to bring out the truth regarding the events of 1915.

Prior to starting this research, he asked himself the following questions:

“Did the events unfold the way Armenians portray them on the world stage?
Did the Turks commit genocide?
OR is this an attempt to execute a nation without a trial?”
During his school years and business life, Aya had many buddies and colleagues of Armenian descent.

He worked hard for years to discover the truth hidden behind lies, forged documents and slanders, and also be able to look at his friends straight in the eyes.

He combed through almost all the books, articles and Armenian documents disseminated globally on this subject.

After years of difficult and tiresome work, he collected countless documents and information that nullify

Armenian allegations, shedding light on their lies.

What surprised Aya was that most of these documents came from Turkish Armenians.

Hundreds of articles which were published on the Internet became insufficient to disseminate the overwhelming amount of information that he obtained from his research.

In the end, he decided to write a book.

Aya has written three books until now, two of them in English.

Printing of his latest book: The Genocide of Truth Continues was completed a few days ago, using his own resources in spite of financial difficulties.

He dedicated his book to those who defend the TRUTH!
His health being far from perfect, 81-year old Şükrü Server Aya is revealing to the whole world the facts that he discovered from credible sources.

In his latest book, he explains, based on information gathered from documents he collected throughout the years, how a group of Armenians from Anatolia were duped into fighting against the Ottoman Empire.

Armed with documents from various sources, he is refuting the falsified distorted documents that some fanatic Armenians spread to the world as proof of their allegations.

He is exposing how the US Genocide Holocaust Memorial Museum in the USA is misled and

He is disclosing the real face of the US Ambassador Morgenthau and his misdeeds.
He brings to light with documents from foreign sources, how fanatic Armenians and the Church use religion to collect financial sources.

In the light of his research, Aya poses the following question:
“Have the fanatic Armenians been collecting donations for a century, in order to wage war, OR are they fueling the battle and current animosity (which reached incredible proportions) for the sake of making money? collecting donations?

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